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Company: No. 6, Nankeng South, Nankeng South Community Center Road, Bantian Street,Longgang District, Shenzhen,Guangdong, China

Tel: 0755-88295036

Fax: 0755-83337527

Factory: Building A, Zhenbao Industrial Park, Cao San Tongyi Industrial Zone, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province


Fax: 0760-88756399

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Domestic sales: 13714800555

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Shenzhen Antan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., a comprehensive company specializing in R&D, production and sales of commercial lighting, is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, a beautiful coastal science and technology city.

The company owns two companies, Shenzhen and Zhongshan. Among them, Shenzhen Antai Company is mainly engaged in import and export trade and is the company's foreign trade marketing center. Zhongshan Company mainly produces and manufactures the company's manufacturing factory and is also a domestic marketing center.

In order to improve the company's ability to resist risks and achieve long-term stable development, the company plans domestic brands, "CY light" and "ANTAN" came into being. In order to facilitate the operation of the domestic market and reduce manufacturing costs, a manufacturing plant was established in Zhongshan Guzhen and a domestic marketing center was established. The establishment of the manufacturing plant marks that the company has changed from a trading company in its initial construction to a comprehensive company. Now it has developed into a large-scale production of indoor commercial lighting products based on LED downlights, using CE, CB and SAA. , FCC, CCC, and other certification standards.

We always maintain the enthusiasm for innovation, and we have a group of excellent senior management personnel and professional engineering and technical team, including electronic appliances, appearance structure, optical output, conduction heat dissipation and so on. At present, there are 1 invention patent, 2 utility model patents and 5 appearance patents, which have formed a complete commercial lighting downlight product system. The main products are: downlights, spotlights, track lights, panel lights, covering embedded, surface mounted, pull-down; side lighting, positive lighting; SMD patch, COB integration; small angle, medium angle, large angle; A full range of products. Can meet the needs of engineering, OEM, ODM, private customization and other multi-level lighting applications.

 We always adhere to the philosophy of “learning advanced, big money, and taking the right path”.

"Study advanced": We will learn from our excellent enterprises with a modest attitude. Whether it is the same industry or cross-industry, we will absorb better quality control, management concepts, marketing models, innovative ideas, corporate culture and so on. Then we will learn from each other according to our own development needs and gradually improve.

“Large money”: big money is customer, “achieve customer, develop oneself” We regard customer first as company creed, and the core of all positions of the company is centered around service customers. From the multi-dimensionality of products, values, services, innovations, etc., we will enhance the recognition and stickiness of customers to the company and win the respect of customers.

 "Learn the right way": Quality first, integrity management is our bottom line of business principles and the bottom line, which will be the cornerstone of our future and development.

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