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What is the difference between led downlight brand and spotlight

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What is the difference between led downlight brand and spotlight

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    In home decoration, we often get confused when we install the lights. It is difficult to install a set of lighting fixtures that we like and match. On the one hand, there are many kinds of lamps, such as ceiling lamps, chandeliers, downlights, spotlights, Light strips, table lamps, etc., and the mass users, low attention to the field of lighting fixtures, although everyone is very familiar with the lights, in addition, there are certain skills in lighting fixtures.

    In the home decoration, the brand of led downlights and spotlights are the most used. On the one hand, because of the need for downlights and spotlights in the home, the auxiliary lighting fixtures are on the other hand. On the other hand, the spotlights are not limited by the decoration style. Basically, each decoration style is Suitable for downlights and spotlights, all kinds of styles are used, which results in the most use of downlights and spotlights. Not only that, but also the use of downlights in commercial places, shopping malls, shops, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, in the purchase, many owners do not know the difference and the difference between the two, so here to share the similarities and differences between LED downlights and LED spotlights and purchase guidance.


    Why LED downlights and LED spotlights, because LED has many advantages, energy saving, environmental protection, no infrared ultraviolet light, pure light color, intelligent dimming color, etc., specifically, more than 90% energy saving than incandescent lamps, Compared with the fluorescent lamps commonly used in the past, the energy saving is more than 50%, and the life is very long. The theoretical life can reach 50,000 hours, basically no need to change the lamp for a lifetime. Therefore, these advantages have led to LED becoming the mainstream nowadays. Incandescent lamps and fluorescent energy-saving lamps have been replaced one after another. Therefore, this article also focuses on LED downlights and spotlights.

 Structural difference of LED downlight spotlights

    The lamp body is made of aluminum, such as die-cast aluminum, aluminum, and aluminum. There are many factors in choosing aluminum. The heat dissipation of aluminum is very good, the aluminum profile is easy to process, and the aluminum surface will form a dense layer of alumina after oxidation. It is corrosion resistant, the aluminum is lighter, and the pressure on the ceiling is small. The price is also relatively cheap, the cost is low, and the user is easy to accept.

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