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Led downlight brand to tell you the basis for installing the downlight

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Led downlight brand to tell you the basis for installing the downlight

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    The led downlight of the led downlight brand is a light fixture with a screw base that can be directly mounted on the light bulb. It is usually installed inside the ceiling to save space; its lights are concentrated, this is direct light distribution; but if you want different light to achieve different effects, you may wish to try Reflectors, mirrors, light bulbs, etc., may make the space unique.

    The led downlight is a decorative light fixture. It can be installed with a few turns to adjust the soft and warm atmosphere of the space, and it can also reduce the pressure on the space.


    The bulbs used by the LED downlights of the LED downlight brand are energy-saving bulbs, and the so-called LED downlights are energy-saving lamps. For the installation of energy-saving lamps, if you want to know the installation spacing of indoor led downlights, you need to adjust accordingly according to the environment used and the role played.

    If the led downlight is just for auxiliary lighting, the number of led downlights of the led downlight brand should not be too much, too bright, it will destroy the overall decoration pattern, and do not take away the status of the chandelier. If there is no other lighting fixture in an area, only the LED downlight can increase its number and properly adjust the spacing of the LED downlights to achieve normal illumination and ensure sufficient light source.

    In fact, there is no standard. When designing a few LED downlights on the same side, they can be evenly divided during installation. Generally, the design is between two to four, three is more, and two are more common, depending on the length of the wall or ceiling. As for the LED downlight of the LED downlight brand, depending on the size of the space and the sufficiency of the light source, choose the appropriate power.

    There are several specifications for LED downlights in Shenzhen Antai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. The most used in the family are 6~8 cm in diameter and 12~15 cm in height. Therefore, when making ceilings, the reserved space should not be lower than 15 cm, otherwise you can't install the LED downlight, so you have to install the spotlight. The power of led downlights is not big, because the bulbs used in led downlights are energy-saving bulbs, generally between 8 watts and 25 watts. The power of the bulbs can be determined according to the size of the space. Will be insufficient.

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