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Anti-glare tube lamp beads still need to see the chip brand

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Anti-glare tube lamp beads still need to see the chip brand

Release date:2018-08-03 :Antan Click:

    Anti-glare downlights Previous LED light sources, such as plug-in LEDs, SMD LEDs, COBs, integrated high-power anti-glare tube beads, can only be flat light sources without the use of optical devices such as lenses, but The glare tube filament breaks through this point, and adopts the micro-hole metal substrate single-sided solid crystal bonding wire technology to truly realize the 360-degree full-angle illuminating stereo light source, thereby avoiding the problem that the light effect is caused by the addition of the lens and the light loss result is caused. Meet the customer's full-angle lighting needs, bringing unprecedented lighting experience and more energy saving.

    The anti-glare downlight core is of course the anti-glare tube lamp bead. The quality of the anti-glare tube lamp bead mainly depends on the chip brand, chip size, color temperature consistency, etc. Generally, the theoretical life of the anti-glare tube lamp bead is 50,000 hours. Even longer, but its actual life is affected by parameters such as operating temperature, operating current and voltage.


    The LED light source itself has the effect of energy saving, so the energy emitted by the anti-glare downlight is more energy-saving than the ordinary incandescent lamp, and can save you a lot of electricity. In addition to the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, the other is the color, the anti-glare downlight is more pure, soft and warm, no miscellaneous color, and the color is very diverse, in line with A variety of decorative style needs.

    The materials of the anti-glare downlights are all hard, and the light sources used are all solid-state. Therefore, in the event of an earthquake, the anti-glare downlights will not appear stroboscopic. It is because of this particularity that the anti-glare can be used. The lights stand out among other lamps, occupying most of the lighting market and winning the eyes of consumers. This is the advantage of the third anti-glare downlight introduced by Xiaobian. Whether you agree or disagree, it is also true that the anti-glare downlight is earthquake-resistant. In addition, the anti-glare downlight has a long service life. If there is no problem during the use process, it usually takes no more than ten years.

    Anti-glare downlights are generally installed in the ceiling, and the general ceiling needs to be installed above 150mm. Of course, the anti-glare downlight also has an external type. It is a good choice to install an anti-glare downlight in the area without a ceiling or chandelier, and the light is softer than the spotlight.

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