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LED downlight brand lamps with different beam angles have different effects

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LED downlight brand lamps with different beam angles have different effects

Release date:2018-08-15 :Antan Click:

    The price of led downlights is also affected by factors such as channel cost and brand. However, for engineering procurement, it is more sensible to choose led downlight manufacturers. After all, factory direct sales, use the same price to buy and other high quality led downlights. .

    When it comes to flexibility, it is a good name for the led downlights of the LED downlight brand. In fact, the downlights are not only in the middle of the law. The adjustable led downlights can adjust the illumination direction 360°. This kind of design is just considering the fact that in the actual application process, there is often a need to adjust the angle of the LED downlight for the side lighting. For such requirements, Kuao Lighting specially developed and designed this LED tube with arbitrary rotation angle. Lights, and with scientific secondary optical design, optimize light quality.


    The three different beam angles of the LED downlight are applied to the same illuminated target. The same LED downlights have different lighting effects produced by different beam angles, which can be clearly seen from the object being projected.

    A narrow beam illumination range with a beam angle of 10° is small, while the center intensity is greater, creating a strong visual impact on the illuminated surface. However, under the strong contrast of light and dark, we can't let us see the details, and because the beam angle is too small, the whole part is not fully displayed in front of us. The beam angle of 20° is much better than the beam angle of 10°, and the texture of the object can be well displayed. The 30° angle of the lamp cup has a large irradiation range, but the center light intensity is smaller, and the spot formed on the illuminated surface becomes softer.

    The lighting effect of led lamps can not be reduced to the decoration of the home atmosphere. The lighting design can make different atmosphere and layering in the confined space. The simple and generous style design of home lighting lighting design, can be led led downlight brand led downlights, light strips, led spotlights and other led lighting fixtures, let them low-key location dotted your room. With the heart to choose and layout led lamps, with simple fashion, nature and other characteristics to create a new trend of simple and generous style design, so live up to life, do not live up to the time.

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