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Why is the downlight of the LED downlight manufacturer in the indoor lighting

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Why is the downlight of the LED downlight manufacturer in the indoor lighting

Release date:2018-08-21 :Antan Click:

    In recent years, the LED indoor lighting market is slowly expanding, and various new types of lamps for indoor lighting are constantly emerging. As a widely used luminaire in indoor lighting, led downlights have received the attention of enterprises and consumers, and the indoor lighting market has developed rapidly.

    The led downlight has high maintainability, and the led light source can be composed of multiple sets of led modules, and the led downlight can also be composed of multiple sets of led cavity modules, which do not interfere with each other and are convenient to maintain. The power supply and the light source are designed independently. When the damage occurs, only the problematic part needs to be replaced. The individual damage does not have an excessive influence on the normal illumination, and the whole lamp is not required to be replaced.


    The led downlight does not have a startup time problem, and the power can be immediately worked normally without waiting for a long time. The light source has good color rendering, close to natural light, quick and flexible installation, adjustable angle at any angle, strong versatility and wide application range. It should be noted that in addition to special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should be avoided in wet environments. The wet environment will affect the electronic components of the LED lamp driving power supply. The electronic components are damp and the lamp life is shortened.

     The led downlight is an all-solid illuminator, which is resistant to shock and impact, and can be recycled without waste. The light source is small in size, can be combined at will, and is easy to install and maintain. Led downlight brand Antai Lighting Technology believes that energy saving is the main reason we consider the use of led downlights. Maybe led light source is more expensive than traditional light source, but it takes one year to save energy from the investment of light source, thus obtaining 4 to 9 years. Several times the annual energy saving net income period.

     LED lighting manufacturer Antai Lighting Technology believes that LED downlight performance is superior, we are full of confidence in its future development, it will become the leading product in the future lighting road, play a bigger and more important role.

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