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Talking about the cooling performance of led downlights of led downlight brand

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Talking about the cooling performance of led downlights of led downlight brand

Release date:2018-08-23 :Antan Click:

    Led downlight is one of the commonly used lighting types. Because interior decoration uses ceiling to insulate and protect against cold, it provides a good installation environment for led downlights and flat lamps. In 2014, it was called the replacement year of LED in the industry, and it was also the popular year of LED downlights. Since 2014, all localities have ushered in the formal implementation of a series of new policies and standards, and the price of LED downlights has continued to fall, and the market has been released rapidly under a needle. China's LED downlight industry has also grown in size, and the domestic LED lighting market has become an important pole in the global lighting industry's transformation and upgrading process.

    The LED downlight of the led downlight brand is a new type of LED downlight developed on the basis of the original traditional downlight and improved according to the modern decoration style. The advantages are far higher than the traditional downlight, obviously such as the heat generated. The heat generated by the traditional downlight is very large, and the high power can reach 120° or higher. The heat generated by our traditional downlight will be around 30°, and the high power heat will be controlled below 55°. Everyone knows that the temperature is high. It will speed up the aging of all raw materials. The lower the temperature, the longer the life. The LED chip is a cold light source, which is solid and has good seismic performance. Therefore, the design life of the full range of LED products is more than 50,000 hours.


    The led downlight does not occupy the indoor space, and the LED downlight is installed indoors. Because of the hiddenness of the light, the feeling of oppression will not be used, and on the contrary, a warm effect will be produced. Therefore, home improvement can choose to install multiple downlights to reduce the sense of space pressure. In general, the use of led downlights in hotels, homes, cafes, and shopping malls is more.

    At present, the total heat dissipation performance of led downlights is only 50%, and there is still a lot of power to be turned into heat. Secondly, LED large current density and modular lamps will generate more concentrated heat and require good heat dissipation.

    There are several different temperature rises for temperature rise. What we are discussing here is: shell-environmental temperature rise. It refers to the difference between the temperature of the LED device shell (the hot spot that can be measured by the LED downlight) and the temperature of the environment (on the light-emitting plane of the lamp, 0.5 meters away from the lamp). It is a temperature value that can be directly measured, and can directly reflect the heat dissipation degree of the LED device. It has been proved that when the ambient temperature is 30 °C, if the LED case is measured to be 60 ° C, the temperature rise should be 30 ° C. At this time, the lifetime value of the LED device can be basically ensured. If the temperature rise is too high, the maintenance rate of the LED light source will be greatly reduced.

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