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The quality of the lamp bead affects the lighting effect of the downlight of the branded downlight brand

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The quality of the lamp bead affects the lighting effect of the downlight of the branded downlight brand

Release date:2018-09-05 :Antan Click:

    As long as the cost of LED downlights decreases with the continuous improvement of LED technology. Energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps will inevitably be replaced by led downlights. The country is paying more and more attention to lighting energy conservation and environmental protection issues, and has been vigorously promoting the use of led downlights.

    In the past, it was only the wattage to buy the lights. After all, most of them liked the bright ones. But now the LED era is different. The watt value is large, and the lights are not necessarily bright. More important is to look at: luminous flux (lm value). Luminous flux, you can understand as "the amount of light", refers to an indicator of how much light a lamp can emit, the unit is lm, the higher the lm, the more light is emitted.


    Color temperature is a phenomenon that describes the change of color when the temperature of the object changes. The higher the temperature, the higher the color temperature. The Kelvin (K) is the color temperature calculation unit, which can be simply understood as “the color temperature change of light”.

    The average life of high-quality LED downlights is about 50,000 hours. It can be used for two to three years in a row. It is several times higher than the life of general energy-saving lamps, and the energy consumption is very low. The life of poorly-made led downlights is only A fraction of a good quality product may be a fraction of a mile, and the light is severely degraded.

    The quality of the lamp bead affects the lighting effect of the LED downlight, and the packaging technology affects the key elements such as lamp quality and heat dissipation. Different LED downlight brands use different lamp bead chips. There are not only differences in quotations, but also different lighting effects. Therefore, we are looking for a big brand of LED downlight manufacturers, but also need to pay attention to some low-priced LED downlights. Most of the chips used are attributed to defective products. The color temperature is inconsistent, the brightness is poor, and the service life is not long. Cost-effective.

    The inside of the downlight is used for energy-saving lamps. There are white and yellow lights to choose from. The light is softer than the spotlights. Therefore, the lighting is mainly used in the aisle, the bedroom circle and the living room circumference. The spotlights used in home decoration are divided into two types of in-cell spotlights and exposed spotlights, which are generally used in living rooms, bedrooms, TV background walls, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets, and the like.

    Generally speaking, the downlights of led downlight manufacturers are safer than spotlights. Generally, spotlights cannot be used for close-range illumination of wool fabrics, and there is no flammable obstacle at close range. Otherwise, it will easily cause fire, and downlights will not There are too many considerations in this regard.

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