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Talking about the difference between the high-display and the general display of the LED downlight brand panel light

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Talking about the difference between the high-display and the general display of the LED downlight brand panel light

Release date:2018-09-07 :Antan Click:

    Regardless of the grade of the led panel light, the key is to have excellent quality for support, which is the basic premise. Some LED downlight manufacturers and panel light manufacturers may boast their own quality very well at the beginning of promotion, but this situation will not be recognized for a long time and will be recognized by consumers. After that, it is very important to save it. It is difficult.

    Different people have different preferences for brightness, and different occasions have different requirements for different brightness. In the office, people need 36w/45w or even 60w of white light, because bright places play a positive role in office efficiency; while the same size of panel lights are placed at home, just 20w-30w may be enough, warm home warm white or Yellow light is more suitable.


    What is the difference between led panel light and Puxian? Gao Xian refers to the LED panel light is good, why choose it? Color rendering index, we often abbreviated as "displayed", divided by 0-100, the closer to 100, the better, we commonly used 70~79, 80~89, 90~99, so the professional point name will directly speak the number Quantify. Actually, the indicator is below 70, I think it is relatively bad, but who knows which level of the panel panel lamp manufacturer said, because Pu Xian and Gao Xian are relative, if the high display is 70, then Pu Xian is definitely better than 70 low! Foreign countries have requirements for the color rendering index, and generally will not be lower than 80 CRI.

    The installation method of led panel lights can also be customized. We can carry out different designs according to the different ceilings of different buildings, such as embedded installation, hanging wire installation, snap spring installation, wall mounted ceiling, etc. Antai Lighting guarantees that there is always a suitable one. you.

    Want to build the LED downlight brand, not only must have quality assurance, but also pay attention to service, after-sales service and quality are complementary, although as manufacturers are willing to provide after-sales service frequently, after all, after-sales service is generally related to quality complaints However, in order to gain the trust of consumers, we must have a sound after-sales system to support.

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